15 thoughts on “How Much Do You Know About Led Zeppelin?

  1. Question 13 is wrong. Coda is an archive album of outtakes. It was not purposefully recorded as an album. In Through The Out Door is their last proper album

  2. While CODA was the last album released by Zeppelin it was a bunch of unreleased tracks recorded years before in through the out door was the final record they made before John Bonham died.

  3. I beg to differ on the last album Led Zeppelin Recorded.. though it was last to be released it was left over sessions from Physical Graffiti
    And Presents So in Fact
    In through the Out Door was the very last Recorded, Not Coda ok?

  4. I thought the same thing about the last album… reocorded is one thing, released is another thing altogether. It’s all in the wording, the correct answer in the test is wrong according to how it’s written.

  5. It’s the way the question is asked.
    By putting in the word recorded In the question that obviously changes the answer.
    They should have used the word released…Since that’s the answer their looking for Is Coda..In reality it was In through the out door last recorded album.

  6. I agree with everyone else question 13 is flawed. In through the outdoor was the last recorded new material of Led Zeppelin!

  7. I agree with everyone else.question 13 is flawed,in through the out door was the recorded new material from Led Zeppelin.Coda was left overs from 11 years prior.

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