Here Are Five Ways Tool’ Singles Made History Last Week

Here Are Five Ways Tool' Singles Made History Last Week

The Second Band To Chart This Rock Many Songs Inside The Top 10

In an incredible popularity show and how much their fans wished for easier access to their favorite Tool songs, the band’s greatest hits (and their new single “Fear Inoculum“) took seven of the top 10 places on the song list Hot Rock According to Billboard, that is something that only another band, Linkin Park, has achieved in the history of the list.

The 10 Bestselling Rock Songs

In the list of specific sales of Rock Digital Song sales, Tool did even better, since people could not wait to buy unique tracks from the band for the first time. The group possessed the top 10 complete with their music, a feat that had never been achieved before in the recount.

They Owned More Than Half Of The Rock Song Sales Chart

As if affirming that the 10 best-selling rock songs in the United States last week was not enough for the band, their dominance does not stop there. The group claimed more than half of the complete list of Rock Digital song sales, as they placed 15 songs within the top 25.

The Second Band To Chart This Many Hard Rock Songs

In the sales chart of Hard Rock digital songs even more specific, the Tool rule was even greater. The band got 17 tracks in the top 25, and they had the 14 highest slot machines. Surprisingly, that is something that has been handled before, since the other Queen rockers have had at least the 14 main songs on more than one occasion.

The Longest Hot 100 Hit Ever

The band may have controlled several rock-only lists like few before them, but in the Hot 100, they didn’t have the same effect. His new single “Fear Inoculum” reached the ranking, starting at number 93, becoming his second success. While that is a fairly low debut, it is worth noting that the melody is the longest Hot 100 hit in history, and is the only song that reaches the count that plays for more than 10 minutes.

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