Here Are 10 Fun Facts About The Van Halen’s 1984 Album

6. The cover of the 1984 album features a smoking cherub. It was censored when released in the UK. A sticker was placed to cover the cigarette in the cherub’s hand and the packs of cigarettes visible on the album cover.

7. In the original release of the album, all song credits were given to Edward Van Halen, Alex Van Halen, David Lee Roth, and Michael Anthony. In the UK single for “I’ll Wait” Michael McDonald was credited as a cowriter, but he was not given the same recognition in the US version.

8. The band promoted the album by doing a content on the channel MTV. The contest was called Lost Weekend with Van Halen. Their fans mailed over 1 million postcards to the TV station for a chance to win the contest. David Lee Roth said during the promo, “You won’t know where you are, you won’t know what’s going to happen, and when you come back, you’re not gonna have any memory of it.”

9. The song “Jump” has the Eddie Van Halen guitar solo, which he clauims is his favorite solo not written by him. That classic solo was made when the song producer spliced two different versions to create the finished product heard in the song.

10. David Lee Roth can be heard yelling in the video for “Jump.” He did that so he could get his real voice onto the music video.


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