Heavy metal legends Slipknot have knocked Ed Sheeran from the top of the charts with We Are Not Your Kind

Heavy metal legends Slipknot have knocked Ed Sheeran from the top of the charts with We Are Not Your Kind

The legends of heavy metal Slipknot have removed Ed Sheeran from the top of the charts with his new album We Are Not Your Kind.

Although he has been in the cards all week, it has now been officially confirmed that the Iowa band has taken the throne of Ed Sheeran‘s Collaboration Project No.6.

Ed’s album has fallen into second place after four consecutive weeks at number 1, with very close sales of 4,700.

We Are Not Your Kind is Slipknot’s first number one album since Iowa was released in 2001, and without a doubt, the idea of getting Sheeran from Suffolk from the top of the charts was an incentive in her own right for fans of the metal band Don’t be more different from your successor.

Although it tends to be set aside, there is clearly still a lot of audience for the genre, but the last time a metal album was at the top of the UK album list was four years ago. The book of the souls of Iron Maiden reached the first position in 2015. The new release of Slipknot is one of the five that have reached number 1 on the official list of albums since 2000.

The others include two from Iron Maiden, the one mentioned above, and The Final Frontier, the 2013 Black Sabbath album and Avenged Sevenfold’s Hail To The King.

Slipknot made its long-awaited return at the Download Festival this year, although not everyone stayed to see them thanks to the torrential rain that hit the site.

Festival goers at the June event were forced to abandon their releases at the Download festival after the entire site became a gigantic mud bath.

People who have spent almost £ 200 on a ticket to the rock festival had no choice but to give up hope and leave the festival at Donington Park in Leicestershire after the weather left the entire area soaked and neglected.

Those who resisted it called the festival ‘Drownload’ or ‘Brownload’. Black humor is great, isn’t it?

Well, that’s the risk you run when booking tickets for a camping festival in the UK, isn’t it? Even if it is mid-June.

On Twitter, one person said: “Yes, I may be covered in mud, but I’m having a bad time.”

Those who stayed saw the headliners Def Leppard, Slipknot and Tool shake the main stage, as well as other acts such as Slash, Die Antwoord and Smashing Pumpkins.

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