Eddie Vedder’s Wife, Jill Vedder, Revealed Her Feelings With The Followers

The wife of Pearl Jam vocalist Eddie Vedder and famous philanthropist / ex-model Jill Vedder went to her official Instagram account to mourn her grandfather’s death and revealed her feelings with followers.

Jill shared one of her father’s most precious moments while chatting with her daughter and showing her the Pearl Jam VIP card. In this way, Jill showed how adorable the person she had been and her love of Pearl Jam music was.

n the caption, Jill mentioned how much he loved Eddie and the family of Vedder while touching upon the kindness in his heart. Also, Jill prayed for his soul and hoped that he is in a beautiful and peaceful place.

Here is what Jill Vedder wrote:

“Missing my VIP… He was so fun at shows… He loved music, and he loved Eddie… He would tap his knee away to his tunes… We miss you, papa… Hope you are somewhere ?. Someplace beautiful with all our loved ones still tapping away. ❤️”

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