Eddie Van Halen Net Worth

Eddie Van Halen Net Worth

Eddie Van Halen Net worth He is an American guitarist, composer, keyboardist and producer. He is best known for being the guitarist of the Van Halen. Eddie Van Halen Net worth is $ 100 million. Eddie Van Halen was born on January 26, 1955 in Nijmegen, The Netherlands. He moved with his family to Pasadena, California at when he was 8 years old. İnitially he started playing the drums, but after seeing his older brother play the guitar, he decided to change. He formed his band “Van Halen” in 1972, at first called “Mammoth”, but there was already another successful band with that name.

Eddie Van Halen Net worth

In 1977 they were offered a recording contract with Warner Bros Records and released their first album in February 1978. After renting a public address system to David Lee Roth and getting frustrated with the lead vocals, Eddie invited Roth to join the band . They released a total of six albums from 1978 to 1983, but the band had trouble working as a unit. Eddie has played the guitar in several movie soundtracks that include “Back To The Future”, “Over The Top”, “Twister” and “Lethal Weapon 4”. He also played guitar in “Beat It” by Michael Jackson. Eddie was married to actress Valerie Bertenelli from 1981 to 2007, and together they have a son, Wolfgang Van Halen. He was ranked number 1 in a survey of the 100 best guitarists of all time in 2012. The leader of Rolling Stone magazine was also number 8 in the list of the 100 best guitarists of Rolling Stone magazine in 2011.

The band Van Halen released a total of 12 studio albums and his albums 5150 in 1986, OU812 in 1988, For Unlawful Carnal Knowledge in 1991 and Balance in 1995, all reached number 1 on the Billboard 200 list. His single “Jump” reached number 1 on the Billboard Hot 100 chart and its singles “(Oh) Pretty Woman”, “Why Can not This Be Love”, “Black and Blue”, “When It’s Love”, “Poundcake”, “Runaround”, ” Top of the World “,” They will not cheat me again “(live),” Do not tell me (What love can do) “,” Be human beings “,” I Wise Magic “and” Without you “, all they reached # 1 on the mainstream table of the United States.

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  1. First off Rolling stone Magazine hasn’t had any credibility in years and two Guitar World that is respected among musicians for 40 years has Eddie van Halen the greatest of All time..please dont make us laugh with the Rolling Stone BS

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