Eddie Van Halen Has Shared a Really Cute Photo of His Son Wolfgang Van Halen

One of the greatest guitarists of all time, Eddie Van Halen, shared a very cute photo of his son, Wolfgang Van Halen, on his official Instagram account and celebrated his 29th birthday.

This photo was taken at the time Wolfgang was born. He was crying with sweet gestures and he looked so cute as he squeezed his little hands. In this way, Eddie showed his love for Wolfgang and showed how much he cares for his family. Also, Eddie wrote that this was the best day of his life.

Eddie’s post surpassed 3,000 likes in less than an hour and grew rapidly. Most fans were shocked by Wolfgang’s image, and started sharing their reactions in the comment section.

ere is what Eddie Van Halen captioned:

“The best day of my life. Happy birthday, Wolf! I love you so much! Your pop ❤”

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