Dream Theater’ Mike Portnoy Celebrated John Petrucci‘s Birthday by Penning an Open Letter

Legendary Dream Theater drummer and co-founder Mike Portnoy celebrated his former bandmate John Petrucci‘s birthday by writing him an open letter on Instagram.

As you may recall, a while back, Mike Portnoy revealed his reunion with John Petrucci for Petrucci’s upcoming solo album, called ‘Terminal Velocity’. Until now it was known that Portnoy plays drums and Dave LaRue of Flying Colors. on the bottom of the album.

After this duo shared the good news about their work and posted photos while making music together, Mike Portnoy recently took to Instagram to celebrate his close friend’s birthday. He talked about his joy at working with Petrucci again.

This is what Portnoy said:

“Happy Birthday to one of my oldest friends who I met 35 years ago when we were both 18 years old…

I am so happy to have finally reunited this summer to play together again and I hope for more in the years to come! Happy Birthday John Petrucci.

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