Danny Carey (Tool) Says He Originally Wanted To Try To Make The Album “One Giant Song”

Danny Carey (Tool) Says He Originally Wanted To Try To Make The Album "One Giant Song"

Tool’s Fear Inoculum became even more real today when the song list was revealed. It consists of seven songs and three interludes, depending on the version of the album you hear, the final product lasts almost 85 minutes. If seven tracks no longer sound like a small number, Danny Carey says he originally wanted to try to make the album “a giant song.”

The renowned drummer discusses the segments of the album, recognizing that his purpose is to give a kind of intermediate to both the band and the listeners, since most of the songs are very long. “All these other bands are writing songs to do this or that, but our only concern is where we are,” Carey tells Kerrang. In a new number.

He continues:

“When we entered that room, where it takes us, that’s where it goes. Four years ago, when we were watching this, I wanted to try to make a record that was a giant song.”

“Isn’t that what we did?” adds Justin Chancellor.

Chocolate Chip Trip” is one of Fear Inoculum’s star instrumental tracks, standing out as yet another one of Carey’s drumming masterpieces. He completed the recording for one of the most complicated parts in one take while the rest of the band was taking a break.

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