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What actress did Elvis always send flowers to when she opened a show in Las Vegas?

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In her memoir, Ann-Margret refers to Presley as her "soulmate", but very little is revealed about their long-rumored romance, only that "in a moment of tenderness" he bought her a round bed in hot pink colors.

What was the first National TV show that Elvis appeared on?

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Although Elvis was on several local television programs before he appeared on Stage Show in January 1956, this was his national debut.

What actor made his film debut at age 10, kicking Elvis in the shin?

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Kurt Russell made his film debut at age 10 when he kicked Elvis in the shin in It Happened at the World's Fair

What was Elvis' shoe size?

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Elvis' shoe size was 11D. You know what they say...

What did Elvis receive from Richard Nixon?

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Nixon gave Elvis a special agent badge for the Bureau of Narcotics and Dangerous Drugs.

What musician once broke into Graceland?

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Long before he became famous, Bruce Springsteen was caught climbing over the Graceland fence by Harold Lloyd, Elvis' first cousin and a security officer working nights at the mansion. Elvis was not home. Springsteen was promptly escorted off the property.

What book was Elvis reading at the time of his death?

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At the time of his death, Elvis was reading The Scientific Search for the Face of Jesus by Frank O. Adams.

How many drugs did Elvis have in his body at the time of his death?

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According to Elvis' autopsy, he tested positive for 10 separate prescription medications but showed no signs of illicit drugs or alcohol.

What two U.S. Presidents was Elvis related to?

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Elvis was distantly related to two presidents, Abraham Lincoln and Jimmy Carter. Genealogists discovered that the great-great-grandfather of our 16th President, Abe Lincoln, was Isaiah Harrison, an ancestor to Elvis. The 39th President, Jimmy Carter is a 6th cousin, once removed from Elvis.

What was the name of Elvis Presley's chimpanzee?

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Scatter wasn't exactly the best behaved chimp. Among other things, he ripped up the curtains at Graceland, liked to peek under the skirts of Elvis' female visitors, and when he was in a really playful mood, tended to throw ... ummm, things ... nasty things that made everyone scream and, well, scatter.

Coronavirus Day's Elvis Quiz
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