Billy Sheehan Shared His Thoughts About David Lee Roth’s Recent Las Vegas Performances.

During a recent interview with “Rock Talk With Mitch Lafon,” one of the best bass guitarists, Billy Sheehan, spoke about Van Halen singer David Lee Roth and shared his thoughts on Roth’s recent performances in Las Vegas.

As we all know, David Lee started a nine-show residence in Las Vegas earlier this month. A few days ago, he acted as part of these shows in Las Vegas.

However, most Roth fans did not like this program and criticized it with hard words on social networks. After these criticisms, Billy Sheehan responded to fans and defended David Lee Roth.

Here’s what Billy Sheehan stated:

“Dave will always be my hero. I always have supreme respect for him, I love him dearly, and I wish him nothing but the absolute best.

Dave is his own man, he does his own thing, that’s why he’s Dave. He’s got his way of doing things, God bless him.”

He continued:

“I saw some of the videos from the very first show. Unfortunately, people were pretty rough on him… Just let Blabbermouth do an article on you, and then just reap the hell from no matter what, you can’t win. [Laughs]”

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