Alexandria Zahra Jones Net Worth

Alexandria Zahra Jones Net worth: $ 330 million. Alexandria Zahra Jones‘ father, David Bowie and Mother Iman, collectively have a net worth of $ 330 million.

Being the daughter of the celebrity, her real net worth has not yet been disclosed.

Alexandria’s father, David Bowie, is a legendary English singer and songwriter who has an estimated fortune of $ 230 million, while his mother Iman, an American fashion model, has a net worth of $ 100 million.

Focusing only on education and not participating in any job, he has not earned money alone, since he is only enjoying the net worth of his parents.

In addition, he earns $ 180.75 – $ 301.25 from his Instagram page by uploading his posts and has gathered more than 34.2k followers on the Instagram page.

Alexandria Zahra Jones is the daughter of a famous celebrity that draws attention and attracts the attention of the public by being the daughter of the English singer and songwriter David Bowie and the American fashion model Iman.

She is so lucky that she became famous after her birth due to being the daughter of a celebrity.

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