Alexandria Zahra Jones Biography


Alexandria Zahra-Jones is the daughter of the legendary British singer and musician, David Bowie, and the impressive Somali-American supermodel, Iman Mohamed Abdulmajid. She is known by the name of “Lexi” or “Lex” in her social media profiles. She was studying at a university in the United States until recently and is currently in a sabbatical year. Alexandria does not have an active career at this time, but she is a very talented artist. His original illustrations and illustrations are regularly seen on his Instagram and Twitter profiles, as well as those of his mother. While his father was of English and Irish descent and his mother was of Somali descent, Alexandria has an American nationality. It is said that Alexandria’s birth completely altered the unhealthy lifestyle and workaholic of her father. Very dear to her parents, Alexandria was deeply shocked by her father’s death. According to his father’s will, he is said to inherit a great fortune when he turns 25.

Born: August 15, 2000 (age 19 years)
Grandparents: Margaret Mary Jones, Haywood Stenton Jones, Mohamed Abdulmajid, Marian Abdulmajid
Siblings: Zulekha Haywood, Duncan Jones
Parents: David Bowie, Iman
Aunts: Annette Jones, Myra Ann Burns, Idil Abdulmajid, Nadia Abdulmajid
Uncles: Feisa Abdulmajid, Elias Abdulmajid, Terry Burns

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