25 Rare Facts About Elvis Presley You Didn’t Know

1. Elvis and David Bowie shared the same birthday (January 8th!)

2. Elvis recorded over 600 songs but didn’t actually write a single one of them!

3. There’s a total of 15 Elvis songs with the word ‘blue’ in the title. Can you name them all?

4. The song “Crazy Little Thing called Love” was written by Freddie Mercury as a tribute to Elvis and was completed in 10 minutes.

5. When he was 12 years old, a local radio station offered Elvis to sing live on the show but he turned it down due to shyness.


2 thoughts on “25 Rare Facts About Elvis Presley You Didn’t Know

  1. I wonder why the song “”Loving you” is never played on any radio or sung on any musical shows???

  2. Number 22 is not correct… his snack sandwich did not have honey or bacon on it… he lived bacon and would eat a pound of bacon with his breakfast but it did not go in his fried peanut butter and banana sandwich… please check the recipe the Graceland cook put into her book!!!

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