20 Things You Might Not Know About Birthday Boy David Gilmour

20 Things You Might Not Know About Birthday Boy David Gilmour

6. David joined his first band in 1962. It was a blues-rock group called Jokers Wild. They recorded a one-sided album but only 50 copies of it were made.

7. The mid-60s were rough for Gilmour. He spent them busking in Spain and France with Syd, playing Beatles songs. They didn’t do well, didn’t have money to pay for food and were even arrested at one point. It got so bad that David had to spend time in a hospital for malnutrition.

8. David spent time in Paris working odd jobs, including being the driver and assistant for fashion designer Ossie Clark.

9. Gilmour also spent time in France with two of his former Joker’s Wild bandmates. They played under the name Flowers, then Bullitt, but couldn’t book gigs because club owners weren’t impressed with their covers. Then thieves stole their equipment. As the band went back to England, they ran out of gas and had to push their tour bus from the ferry.

10. David worked as a session musician for the soundtrack to the Brigitte Bardot film Two Weeks in September. He also lent his vocals to two songs on the record.


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