(1955 – Wanda Jackson ) Elvis Presley’s Teenage Girlfriends

In the early part of ’56, he gave me one of his rings, a man’s ring. It had little chipped diamonds. He wasn’t very rich at that point. We were in Shreveport, Louisiana, and we’d done a matinee show, and he asked me if I’d step outside. We stood by his car, and he asked me if I’d be his girl. He’d just turned 21, and I was still 18. I had a crush on him, and being able to know him and know his heart made me admire him a lot. So I said I’d be his girl, and he gave me his ring. I wore it for about a year. Of course, this was before he met Priscilla. The last tour I worked with him was in January of ’57, and after that he went to Hollywood to start his movie career. I think his head was just in a spin.

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