(1955 – Wanda Jackson ) Elvis Presley’s Teenage Girlfriends

We dated off and on for a little over a year on the tours. If we could get in a town early, and it was large enough to have a movie theater, we’d go to a matinee, and then after a show we’d go out to eat, usually with the other musicians and my daddy. Then sometimes we’d get a hamburger and just drive around the town and talk. We had a lot in common. He was a little older, and his career was beginning to blossom, and mine was, too. He was just a fine person. He loved to have fun and he laughed all the time. He didn’t take himself seriously. What was really sweet was the fact that he wanted to see me do good in my career. And he was just really eager that I try this kind of music like he was doing [rockabilly]. I’d say, ‘But Elvis, I’m just a country singer. I can’t sing songs like that’. He said, ‘You can, too. You’ve just gotta try’.

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