(1955 – Wanda Jackson ) Elvis Presley’s Teenage Girlfriends

I met him at the radio station in Cape Girardeau, Missouri, that afternoon, and I was quite impressed — a real handsome guy. He was dressed a little flashier than the guys dressed back home in Oklahoma City — yellow coat, for example — and when he left the station I saw him get into a pink Cadillac. That was before the days of Mary Kay, and I had never seen a pink car before. We worked together that night. I was in my dressing room, and Elvis was going on, and all of a sudden my dad and I started hearing this screaming. My daddy said, ‘I wonder if there’s a fire or something. Let me go look’. I started getting my things, and he came back and said, ‘No, relax. But you’ve got to see this for yourself’. He took me to the wings, and there was Elvis singing and moving and gyrating, and all these girls standing at the foot of the stage, screaming and reaching for him. ————— (Photo: Cape Girardeau, MO, July 20, 1955 Wanda Jackson & Elvis | When Jackson first toured in 1955 and 1956, she was placed on a bill with none other than Elvis Presley. The two hit it off almost immediately. Jackson said it was Presley, along with her father, who encouraged her to sing rockabilly.)

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